D O N N I E   N A P I E R

Since his birth, Donnie Napier has been up for a challenge. Born three and a half months early, weighing just a little over three pounds, the prognosis was, at times, grim. But, he overcame the obstacles that stood in front of him. Cerebral Palsy was the diagnosis at the age of three, but this was not going to become a roadblock. Donnie forged ahead with determination and pride knowing that he had a goal to achieve and that goal is to share his music with as many people as possible.

Donnie comes from a musical family. So, whether it’s in his DNA or the fact that there were always guitars around the house, music was his destiny. His father spent the 70’s playing clubs along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. His older brother would become the drummer for Americana star Margo Price But Donnie is about his own journey. His debut Addicted To You EP is an eclectic mix of his various musical influences that blend together seamlessly to create a sound that is all his.

With his Addicted To You EP Donnie Napier truly wears his heart on his sleeve with his deeply personal lyrics and catchy melodies that could fit effortlessly in a multitude of different genres. Donnie has shown with this release that he is his own unique entity as an artist, and he is here to stay.